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Iroko 10’8

919,00 650,00

IROKO is one of the best performing boards in our range and is designed for more experienced riders who want to travel long distances comfortably and quickly. A careful study of water lines has allowed us to create a clean, slender shape that draws water clearly without creating unnecessary turbulence.
IROKO has the best pad on the market today not to strain your feet over long distances, a double luggage compartment in the bow and in the stern to carry all the necessary equipment for excursions. All OBERSUP products are the result of thousands of hours of navigation in all weather conditions, and are tested by our team with decades of experience.
Also IROKO has been developed and finished carefully in every detail: oversized central padded neoprene handle for maximum hand comfort, progressive neoprene handles in the stern and in the bow for 2-people transportation in the most inaccessible areas, oversized stainless steel rings for secure mooring or towing and fin box us to mount different fins because each rider has different needs. IROKO is produced in limited numbers.

Size 10’8 x 31 x 6
Weight 10,2 kg
Volume 285 liters
Race e Cruise
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Tovel X 10’4

649,00 550,00

Economy sup board Allround and Wave

If the prices of inflatable sup scare you, but you don’t want to give up performance, Tovel X is for you. We have decided to satisfy the demands of those who need an inexpensive stand up paddle board, suitable for everyone (beginners and experts) with quality features and high performance in all its components.

Tovel X shares all the details of the Obersup boards, with the best pad on the market, neoprene handles, stainless steel rings and fin box us. We succeeded in offering an inexpensive all-rounder using a new material with reinforcement on a single layer to reduce production costs without affecting the quality of the product.

Tovel X is extremely versatile: its dimensions are the most asked for on the market, it is fast and stable, with great load capacity. All these features make it the ideal stand up paddle board for the whole family – including pets – both in the sea and on a lake!

Attention: bag, fin, pump and repair kit are included in the price!

Made for all-round / fitness / family
Size 10’4 x 32″ x 6″
Weight 9,8 kg
Costruction Monilte tecnology
Volume 252 liters
Fins central us-box
Economy Sup
Allround e Wave