Hyde 9’6


In recent years the level of river surfing has had a significant increase in the number of practitioners and in the level of difficulty of descents too. So we wanted to create a board extremely technical and performing.
Its Rocker on the bow allows it to cross foams and walls of water like a blade and its stern makes it very suitable for river surfing.
The Hyde is also very fast in flat water and this makes it a good choice for families who want to make excursions in tandem or with their best pups.
Aggressive on the river and docile on flat water, it can also be used thanks to its generous volume to transport luggage in multi-day trips.

Made for River / Family / all-round /River surf
Size 9’6 x 35” x 6
Weight 12,2 kg
Build with Reinforced Military PVC
Volume 275 liters
Fins 4 fixed lateral, central us-box

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Gray bag ultra-resistant, with reinforced braces. Inside you will find a large pocket to keep all your things. Comfortable and spacious, there is space for 2 boards and everything you need.

US box fin Dolphin 7.5”

Dual pressure pump inflation pressure up to 26PSI

Repair kit
Chemical glue, repair patches and valve disassembly wrench