Balance 10


People are becoming increasingly aware, and the pursuit of well-being is now a priority of life. The Balance is our most comfortable board, where you can practice yoga or training sessions using the entire surface thanks to the comfortable EVA deckpad that covers it entirely. The balance is designed to be really stable so you can practice acro balance or bring a friend or your dog comfortably with you. The balance will allow you to get to the places you want to rediscover your inner peace or to train with your friends.

Made for Yoga-Fitness / Family / all-round
Size 10 x 34” x 6
Weight 13kg
Construction Reinforced Military PVC
Volume 304 liters
Fins centrale us-box


Gray bag ultra-resistant, with reinforced braces. Inside you will find a large pocket to keep all your things. Comfortable and spacious, there is space for 2 boards and everything you need.

US box fin Dolphin 7.5”

Dual pressure pump inflation pressure up to 26PSI

Repair kit
Chemical glue, repair patches and valve disassembly wrench