Explore the world from another perspective, this is our mission, this is our story…

Lovers of outdoor activities of all kinds, sea, mountains and lakes, as long as there are no walls that limit us. In any place we go, the element that always follow us is the water in all its forms, sweet, salty, cold, rough or flat sometimes solid, we love it anyway.
We are explorers and we discover new places so we want to share with everyone the best feeling that paddling gives you every moment.
Our search for high quality materials, perfect shape and the exclusive Italian design make OBERSUP the right choice.

The boards are not simple inflatables that you can find anywhere, but are shaped by passion and experience in collaboration with Team Horizon 36 that performs exploration and touring with inflatable boards for many years.
With this TEAM we have tried, tested and mistreated our products in every condition and in every place, modifying and designing every detail so that everything is perfect. The inflatable sups are robust, easy to store and easy to handle and these are just some of the features our range needs to have.

But OBERSUP is not only this, our products are not simple tools to use, but they must transmit the passion and create feeling. They must become true companions of adventure for a life without limits! Live Great!

Our boards are complete with a beautiful bag in high quality eco-leather hand-sewn by Italian master artisans or materials produced in Italy.

A line of carbon or aluminum paddles complete the range of accessories. This project combines technique, performance, fun and a unique style all made in Italy.

Our range of inflatable Sups is thought, designed and created for everyone. Cheap and excellent quality, easy to carry, stable and fun for the whole family and for every use that you want to do.

The Tovel 9’6 is one of the most versatile boards on the market today. Its size makes it the perfect all-round for all users who love to practice Sup in every condition. Reliable in excursion, maneuvering between the waves and robust in exploration or on a river, the Tovel will be able to give you emotions in every your outdoor time and will become your reliable partner for a long time.

The Vertigo and the Vertigo TK are the Sups that will revolutionize the way of practicing this sport. The idea of creating extremely compact boards, and at the same time simple for newcomers, was born in 2014. The shape is the result of careful study and numerous tests in the most different conditions and for some riders is considered the board to always carry on. Its small size and weight of about 8.5 kg and 6.5 kg for the TK make them inseparable companions.

In recent years people are increasingly becoming aware that the pursuit of wellbeing is a priority in life. The Balance is our most comfortable table, where you can practice yoga or training sessions using the entire surface of the table thanks to the comfortable EVA deckpad that covers it entirely. The Balance allows you to get to the places where you can find your inner peace or to train with friends.

With Hyde we wanted to create an extremely technical and performing board. Its Rocker in the bow allows it to cross foams and walls of water like a blade and its stern makes it very suitable for river surfing. The Hyde is also very fast in flat water and this makes it a good choice for families who want to make excursions together or with our faithful friends.