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Tovel and Vertigo come together in a Combo for those who want to explore the world with friends, take our kids on the first trips in the water or why not have two boards all for you.
Tovel 9’6 for every your Sup excursions and Vertigo 7’8 light and robust to carry always with you and approved even by children.
Enjoy every adventure with your friends even around the world, bring your boards and everything you need in one bag, great as luggage.

Balance 10


People are becoming increasingly aware, and the pursuit of well-being is now a priority of life. The Balance is our most comfortable board, where you can practice yoga or training sessions using the entire surface thanks to the comfortable EVA deckpad that covers it entirely. The balance is designed to be really stable so you can practice acro balance or bring a friend or your dog comfortably with you. The balance will allow you to get to the places you want to rediscover your inner peace or to train with your friends.

Made for Yoga-Fitness / Family / all-round
Size 10 x 34” x 6
Weight 13kg
Construction Reinforced Military PVC
Volume 304 liters
Fins centrale us-box
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Hyde 9’6


In recent years the level of river surfing has had a significant increase in the number of practitioners and in the level of difficulty of descents too. So we wanted to create a board extremely technical and performing.
Its Rocker on the bow allows it to cross foams and walls of water like a blade and its stern makes it very suitable for river surfing.
The Hyde is also very fast in flat water and this makes it a good choice for families who want to make excursions in tandem or with their best pups.
Aggressive on the river and docile on flat water, it can also be used thanks to its generous volume to transport luggage in multi-day trips.

Made for River / Family / all-round /River surf
Size 9’6 x 35” x 6
Weight 12,2 kg
Build with Reinforced Military PVC
Volume 275 liters
Fins 4 fixed lateral, central us-box

Tovel 9’6


The Tovel 9’6 is one of the most versatile boards on the market today. Its size makes it the perfect allround for all users who love to practice sup in every condition. Reliable in excursion, maneuvering between the waves and robust in exploration or on a river, Tovel 9’6 will be able to give you emotions in every your outdoor excursion and will become your reliable partner for a long time.
The board is equipped with very comfortable handles in neoprene (your hands will be grateful), The reinforced PVC makes this board really strong and durable (your wallet will thank you) and the valve in the bow will allow you to deflate the board and make it extremely compact to take the least space possible. Our boards are not simple inflatables you can find anywhere, but they are shaped by passion and experience in collaboration with Team Horizon 36 that performs exploration and touring with inflatable boards for many years.

Made for all-round
Size 9’6 x 32″ x 4’7
Weight 10,3 kg
Build with Reinforced Military PVC
Volume 225 liters
Fins fixed lateral, central us-box

Vertigo 7’8


Vertigo comes from an idea born in 2014, that one of creating an extremely compact board but at the same time also simple for beginners. The shape is the result of careful study and numerous tests in the most different conditions, the Vertigo can be called a mini all-round. Easy to drive and fun in maneuvers, for some riders is considered the board to always carry with you. Its small size and weight of about 8.5 kg make it the inseparable companion for everything you have in your mind. The vertigo can not be described, it must be “tasted”, it’s the sup that will revolutionize the way of practicing this sport.

MADE FOR mini all-round / surf / freestyle
SIZE 7’8 x 32” x 4
Weight 8,6 kg
Construction Reinforced Military PVC
Volume 136 liters
Fins fixed lateral, central us-box